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Speeches from the international atheist conference 2006

Here you can find most of the speeches and Power Point presentations from the international conference „A Positive Voice for Atheism in Iceland“ which was held in Reykjavik in June 2006. The conference was a huge success and received good coverage by the media. There were 106 participants. Some of the speakers did not have any written material and we are still waiting to receive the written speeches from others. We will post them as we receive them.

Missionaries or Museum-Keepers?
Jón Baldvin Hannibalsson’s speech

Welcome speech, First International Convention of the Atheist Alliance International
Bobbie Kirkhart’s speech:

Atheist Alliance International
August Berkshire’s speech

The status of religion and religious life in Iceland today
Sigurdur Holm Gunnarsson’s speech
Power Point with Sigurdur’s speech

Celebrating Life the Secular Way
Margaret Downey’s speech
Celebrating Life the Secular Way
Handout from Margaret Downey

I Just Lost Faith In Faith
Dan Barker’s speech was based on this article from 1990

Every Religion Has A Mythology
Brannon Braga’s speech

Detailed information about the conference can be found here:

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