Fara á efnissvæði

Request for a wedding ceremony

Thank you for choosing Humanists Iceland for your upcoming wedding ceremony. Our ceremonies have an atmosphere of dignity, joy and personal experience. There is no religious content but they include ethical message with values that all humans share. It is the humanistic approach.

All our celebrants have had full legal authority to conduct marriages. If the couple has a legal residency outside of Iceland a certificate of „No Impediments“ has to be required from the District Commissioner prior to the ceremony. (See District Commissioner’s web page.) Residents from the Nordic countries can bring their local certificate of „No Impediments“ from their country, like the „Hindersprövning“ from Sweden. All costs should be paid in advance. Special requests or arrangements should be mentioned in the „Further information“ box at the bottom of this form. Any further inquiries can be made at athafnir@sidmennt.is

When your booking has been made we will send you an e-mail with practical information and a payment link to secure your booking and start the planning!

Payment of confirmation fee

Give us a couple of days to send you the practical information you'll need and the secure payment link for the ceremony fee of 80.000 ikr. When payment has been made we need a couple of weeks (sometimes longer, if your ceremony is more than three months away) to find you the perfect humanist celebrant match, who will continue the preparations with you.

Please note that up to 80% of the fee is refundable until your ceremony has been formally assigned to a celebrant. In the case of cancellation after you have been connected to a celebrant the refundable amount depends on where in the preparation process the cancellation occurs.

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