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Secular naming ceremonies

A secular naming ceremony is a non-religious celebration of the birth of your child. Unlike religious naming ceremonies, secular naming ceremonies do not in entail a religious confessions.

Cost 2023 49.000 ISK
Discount for members 10.000 ISK for each parent
What is a secular naming ceremony?

Siðmennt's ceremonies do not include any ideological confessions. Each ceremony is tailored to the individuals it encompasses, their values and their story. Therefore, the secular ceremonies are a great choice for anyone, what ever their religious stance or philosophical world view. 

A secular naming ceremony is the perfect way to celebrate the birth of a brand new person – giving them their name in the presence of their loved ones. Siðmennt's celebrants are apt in making special moments memorable – at least for the parents and guests!

A typical secular naming ceremony

A couple of days prior to the ceremony the parents and/or guardians meet up with the celebrant to plan out the ceremony, and give the celebrant information about the family to interlace into the ceremony. 

After all the guests have arrived on the day of the ceremony the parents (or guardians) bring the child to the celebrant in front of the guests. The celebrant greets those present and then says a few words about children and parenting. After a short oration the celebrant invites the parents to announce the name of the child. 

All ceremonies are tailored to the family's needs. A typical ceremony could include a musical number, speeches or poetry reading from family members or friends. The ceremony is expected to be around 20 minutes, depending on the program.



Siðmennt charges a fixed price for it's ceremonies. Included is the celebrant's pay, preparation and administration. Travel expenses are charged for a ceremony outside of great capital area: 184 ISK pr kilometer travelled. 

Siðmennt services
49.000 ISK
For members of Siðmennt
10.000 ISK discount per parent
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